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Master of Architecture Program: LIVE ARCHITECTURE

LEARNING BY DOING: We teach architecture as collective experimentation that makes the human-made environment sustainable, open, and beautiful.

The School’s Masters of Architecture (M. Arch) degree is an accredited, professional graduate degree leading to qualifications for architectural licensing. Graduates of the program are prepared to enter leadership roles within the architectural profession and become licensed architects upon completion of internship experience and passing the architectural exam. An undergraduate degree in either a related or an unrelated field and post-secondary prerequisites are required for admission.

Students explore architecture through design, technical and professional practices, history and theory, and the arts. Project-based learning is central to the educational experience and students may enlarge their experience through independent study. In addition to taking regular courses, students must also earn Architecture Project (AP) hours by working on various design/build projects. The curriculum culminates in a thesis that is organized around TSOA’s student shelter program. During the year-long thesis project, students research, design, construct and live in a small, environmentally astute shelter, a small comprehensive project that they develop themselves with the help of a faculty advisor, professional mentors and the support of their classmates.

The education is rigorous; traditional grading is supplemented by an assessment of the student’s learning by faculty, mentors, and practicing architects on the basis of evidence documented in coursework and through annual Learning Dossier review.

The educational experience is closely linked to the two architecturally significant campuses and is fueled by the intense year-round educational community that is marked by a residency at the two Arizona campuses, Cosanti and Arcosanti.


Come live architecture with us.

TSOA is not just a School, it is a community of learning. When Frank Lloyd Wright founded what is now the School of Architecture in 1932, he envisioned a place where people from all around the world would come together not only to design, but also to live on and work the land, listen to and make music, see and make art, eat and cook good food, dance, and perform. Today, we are still a community of makers whose work extends beyond creating models and drawings to making theater, food, and music. When lecturers come share their work, students often stay up with them until all hours of the night around an open fire, discussing the future of architecture and the world.

We truly live architecture. We don’t just design and discuss, we build for ourselves and for local communities, designing projects for everybody to use. Students live and design in iconic and experimental architectural spaces, and their work is always informed by the structures and the landscapes to which they respond. Not only that but, most students, they live in a desert shelter a previous student created. Before leaving, each student will design and build their own place of belonging, contributing to the future of the School.

  • Study Abroad
  • Guest Lecturers
  • Students Enjoying Nature at Taliesin Spring Green
  • Paint the Town Community Service
  • Learn from Experts
  • Conor Denison, Student

    CONOR DENISON | 2019

    “One of the most important topics being debated in the architecture and design field today is the role of technology in design.”

    Watch the video below to learn more about the influence of technology on design in an interview with student Conor Denison from Ontario, Canada.

  • Taylor Bode, Student

    TAYLOR BODE | 2019

    “The best part of Taliesin? It’s tough. It’s such a holistic approach to lifestyle, as well as architecture.”

    In an interview below, student Taylor Bode from Milwaukee, Wisconsin discusses his perspective on Living Architecture here at Taliesin.